Hello world!

Hello World! The birth-cry of every fledgling programmer since the dawn of delta.time. Now, it is the  birth-cry of Us. Who are We, you ask? Like most simple questions, the answer is not so simple. Complex, aren’t we all?

We are a roiling, rolling, ravenous chaos tripping through the lines of digital creationism. We are story-tellers, visual artists, symphonic invokers, and binary builders. We are more than half filled with hope, dreams, inspiration, and aspirations; and a little less than completely overtaken with insanity, egotism, and unpredictability.

In short, we are Chaotic Heart Studios.

Welcome to our diary of a mad deity. This is our web-blog, and our home for our musings, rantings, ravings, and general babbling. We will be posting any announcements, information, and probably more than our fair share of non-sense here. We hope to give a bit of insight into the process of starting a fledgling gaming studio from scratch, and turning it into something even we can be proud of.

If it entertains you, good. If it humors you, great. If it educates you, excellent. If it happens to help relieve some stress and keep us just a bit more sane along the way, even better.

So, without further ado…

Hello World, from us here at Chaotic Heart Studios! Expect to hear a lot more from us in the future.


~ by chaoticheartld on September 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Hellos around. Those of us who came together from the chaos to build this heart are really ready to let this world know how we release volumes into the digital night. As things come along, I will have more enhanced syllabic sentences with which to sooth and scar your synapses simultaneously. Tell us when you view our product and let us hear what you think.

  2. Well, this motley of mad brilliance is ready to take flight. Hello; which seems to be a theme around here. I am the Mad Hatter; the pencil lines behind the programming. We, at Chaotic Heart Studios, are thrilled beyond words ( since I am writing this I guess that is a little untrue) that all the hard work and thought is now playable. It is still strange to see everything we have worked on in motion… in a matter of speaking. To all those involved with our studio, I take this time to say “Well Done”. I had always wanted to do something like this, but never, ever did I think that I would be doing it so soon. Never knew how hard of work it really is.
    I guess we can all blame one guy for this. He started this and has lost the most sleep over it. I had heard talk about him and the game he was wanting to make, but didn’t really take stock in it at first. Now I see how visionary he can be. You know who you are, so take a bow… now! And I can blame another man on this team, my muse. Without him I don’t think my crazy over-active brain could have done half of what I needed. I need him like the flowers need the sun. So thank you for just being you.
    Try out the game just to see what the deal is. I promise you will enjoy it. there is something for everyone.

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