We have submitted our finished prototype {oxymoron, I know} to Now, it is just a matter of waiting for them to review it, approve it, post it, vote on it, give it the win, pay us our $10,000, turn the prototype into an actual game, and then finally bask in the accolade. When put that way, it all seems so easy.

Due to this, we have taken down the old build prototype. You can no longer play/test it at No worries, though. Soon enough, you will be able to play our end build at the MuseGames webpage. Of course, do not forget to Vote!

Until then, I thought it a good idea to share some of the art assets we used in the building of “The Black Arena”. We only had a little less than a month to work with (which is an incredibly short amount of time to get ANYTHING done), but a good deal of what came out of that insane, foggy, half-repressed time was very well done.

As with all RPG’s, 2D images of the characters is a time-honored tradition. Not including these would probably get us lynched at the next Dragon-Con. Trust me, a lynching done by cos-play freaks is like none-other {Shivers}. These images were done by our very own Anna Faulkner in record time… sometimes within the 30 minutes of me frantically calling her up going “I know your busy with the last 20 things I said I needed, but I REALLY need these two character portraits done… uhm… five hours ago!”. My personal favorite is the Sorceress, Ilhess. Hers was the Rakhasha Guard, Vyrence.

“Sorceress Ilhess”

Sexy, exotic, and completely out of reach.

Sexy, exotic, and completely out of reach.

There are, currently, only two main pieces of music in “The Black Arena”. Naturally, the actual game will have more.

The first is “Four Brave Champions” by the magnificent Mr. David Orr. He was kind enough to allow us to use his work, and I have to say that it is about as epic of a battle-song as you can get. You an hear it, and a lot of his other great works, at

The other is a simple loop done in-house by me, Louis “Gryphon” Crochet called “In the Arena’s Shadow”. It is nothing amazing, but it has a nice melody and is easy to listen to. Unfortunately, we do not have it uploaded anywhere at the moment for you to sample it. I will try to get that sorted out shortly.

I hope you enjoyed a look into just a small fraction of the art assets used in “The Black Arena” prototype. Of course, the game is likely to expand on this a hundred fold. Keep checking back for updates and an announcement of when the final prototype build is posted up at Thank you, as always, for visiting.


~ by chaoticheartld on October 11, 2009.

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