Crunch time

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I know it is the day I have been looking forward too.  Very soon everyone will be able to vote for your favorite  game brought to you by we here at Chaotic Heart Studios.  Keep an eye on this blog, as well as your email, for the final notice of the posting.  We are confident that, so far, even among the other candidates, we will have the most involved and interesting game available.  You can still test the game as we have it at, but we have added more since that was put in place. Don’t forget to play the finished prototype once we put it up for voting  on .  Keep watching and enjoy!


An Update and a Chance to Play-test

•September 28, 2009 • 1 Comment

Okay… so as most of you probably know, we have been working on a prototype game for the ImmUnity contest being hosted at The contest requires contestants to build a working prototype, which will then be voted on. The winning entrant gets $10,000 to finish the prototype and turn it into a finished game. Needless to say, that $10,000 would go a long way to getting our fledgling studio up off the ground.

The original dead-line for entrants was October 1st. We put in some serious all-nighter hours to get our prototype ready by then… and, in fact, just got it to a “satisfactory” state yesterday… just to be told yesterday that the contest deadline was pushed back to October 21st. Needless to say this is a blessing and a curse.

It is a curse because we were pretty confidant we could beat out all the competition currently submitted. The extra 21 days now means we will have possibly better competition submitted to contend with. That, and the all-nighter I pulled to get it ready in time was basically wasted effort. Ah, well. Just means I did my part to keep Starbucks in business.

The blessing is this now gives us more time to polish the game. It is meant to be just a prototype, so it does not have to be perfect… or even near perfect. With that said, we developed our prototype to a point that we felt it was playable and; more importantly; enjoyable to play. There was still a ton more we would have liked to do with it, though. A lot of things that we left out, and a ton of things we would have liked to tweak. Better graphics, more balanced game-play, a bit of extra content, etc. We are going to use this extra time to add some of that in.

To help with this, we are putting up a web player version of where the game stands as of right  now. This will let you play it, and hopefully give us some useful feedback in the form of comments on this blog. We are looking for things like any bugs you find, any particular parts that need further developing, what you liked, what you absolutely did not like, etc. We know your time is important, so; to all who do this; we give you our undying gratitude. Hopefully, the process will be more than a little fun for you, as well.

To play the prototype, just go here: Chaotic Heart Studios – The Black Arena

You will need the Unity web-player plug-in, but if you do not have it you will automatically be prompted to download it when you visit the above web page. Do not worry. The plug-in is 100% safe, and is even used for games like Cartoon Network’s “Fusion Fall”. No spy-ware, mal-ware, ad-ware, etc. It is equivalent to downloading a Flash plug-in. A ton of other games and web-sites use Unity as well as the Unity web player plug-in, so if you are an avid gamer it is something you should probably have, anyway.

We truly hope you enjoy “The Black Arena”. Just remember, it is still in its prototype phase. It is playable, and even fun, but it is far from a finished product.

This version starts you out with 50,000 experience and 50,000 gold, just so you can get a feel for all of the skills/spells/attacks/etc without having to “level grind” for hours. One of the most enjoyable parts, is experimenting with character builds. I.e. buying certain skills/spells/attacks that work well together like the Tempest Attack, the Stealth Skill, and a ton of points in the Mental Stat. This basically makes you a Critical-hitting Assassin. Not a lot of Health, and not a lot of regular damage, but a ton of damage from Criticals.

A few other builds I like:
Battle Mage – Buy the Nova Spell, the Forceflow Skill, the Tome-delver Perk, and a ton of points in Spiritual Stat. Two powerful Nova Spells will destroy just about anything.

Enhanced Fighter – Buy the Cleave Attack, the Limber Skill, the Haste and Strength Spells, the Blood of the Behemoth Perk, and a lot of points in the Physical Stat. Cleave does a ton of damage, especially with a high Might. Only downfall, it is a little slow. Hence the use for the Limber Skill and the Haste Spell.

Corruptor – Buy the Weaken, Slow, and Poison Spells. Also, buy the Forceflow Skill, Tome-Delver Perk, and any of your favorite Attacks. Dump a ton of points into Mental and Spiritual Stats. You do not do a lot of straight-out damage, but the negative effects of the Spells; especially when used with Forceflow, more than make up for it.

If you have any other builds you love, feel free to post them. Once again, thank you to everyone who plays and submits feedback, and we TRULY hope you enjoy.

Hello world!

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Hello World! The birth-cry of every fledgling programmer since the dawn of delta.time. Now, it is the  birth-cry of Us. Who are We, you ask? Like most simple questions, the answer is not so simple. Complex, aren’t we all?

We are a roiling, rolling, ravenous chaos tripping through the lines of digital creationism. We are story-tellers, visual artists, symphonic invokers, and binary builders. We are more than half filled with hope, dreams, inspiration, and aspirations; and a little less than completely overtaken with insanity, egotism, and unpredictability.

In short, we are Chaotic Heart Studios.

Welcome to our diary of a mad deity. This is our web-blog, and our home for our musings, rantings, ravings, and general babbling. We will be posting any announcements, information, and probably more than our fair share of non-sense here. We hope to give a bit of insight into the process of starting a fledgling gaming studio from scratch, and turning it into something even we can be proud of.

If it entertains you, good. If it humors you, great. If it educates you, excellent. If it happens to help relieve some stress and keep us just a bit more sane along the way, even better.

So, without further ado…

Hello World, from us here at Chaotic Heart Studios! Expect to hear a lot more from us in the future.